Actually, why Bible was given to know, Salvation to the Universe who has given - through whom it is salvation, What is the father's position - what is his greatness?, Why Jesus Christ was sent to this universe. Who sent? How many times he came on the earth and still how many times he will come?, Now to us, what is importance through whom we must move., What will happen if you won't know the holy spirit

Creating awareness about God in the entire universe that books are of very great importance. Vast knowledge is required about holy books and their preach about to go hell is necessary. The fact is too each the people about the god. To create awareness about the way through books, T.V. channels, conference, meetings. Doing this kind of activities by you - what ever telling is fact, false you can inform or not. Informing or not, what is known, not known any time, for knowing any time contacted any person for the truth.

With Divine Grace and God willingness I want to introduce my self to your esteemed organization. My name is Isukapati Vidya nadh. I am president and organizer of the society, Divine Grace orphenage & destitute welfare center Organized by:- Church of the only true god ministries. It is a registered body. It is a society revealed by the Almighty God at my eternal call which is explained in my personal testimony enclosed. The email sent is a general letter written to all church representatives. My aspiration in writing such mail is nothing but to reveal the truth revealed by the Almighty and to reveal the truth, which is erroneously preaching by the pastors and church leaders. I with sincere and pure ,clean hearted and with true feelings on God, with implicit faith request your kindness to spare some time and read this Email of mine. We have A organization for poor people and Destitute Welfare Center in India and our Web-site is My only request to you is to visit my Web-site and read the Divine message of God and give me A reply of your opinion on my Divine message thanking you with total positive ness expecting A reply from your side and talking leave. Ever your service in Christ ISUKAPATI VIDYANADH

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